Referral Management

Smart Agent leverages the world of automation for you to grow your referral pipeline and top line revenue by keeping you TOP OF MIND with all your professional referral partners i.e. mortgage brokers, bankers, title companies, real estate agents.

We know that referrals from these sources are prime because they are in the market for your services but who has the time to consistently and effectively reach out to all of these people PLUS be able to know which ones deserve the most attention?

Smart Agent solves that dilemma with our proven system to keep you in front of those valuable resources without your intervention at all. We then show you visually who is producing the most leads for you to focus your valuable resources on the right partners.

It’s quick to set up and hands free for you. All we need is the contact information for your referral partners! We’ve got it from there.

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Consulting and Coaching

Jimmy Moore has learned that the path to success requires discipline. Today he is coaching fellow agency owners on how to avoid pitfalls and be smarter as they lead their teams and grow business.

Track Record:

• Built and sold 6 agencies from scratch totaling over $20 million in organic written premium.

• Built and lead some of the top teams in the industry. Many have gone on to successful agency ownership.

• Developed highly successful lead generation processes that produce abundance of qualified prospects

• Is an industry expert in recruiting & training, lead generation, operations & how to build financial controls.

Next Steps…

To see the real benefits Smart Agent Consulting has for your agency, schedule a discovery call to talk to Jimmy. The call is free and you are guaranteed to come out of it a better business owner even if you don’t hire us.

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